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There are many ways we can connect with each other virtually. Facebook seems to be the most common way. For over a year, I’ve wrestled with the question: If most people are on Facebook and Facebook is free and Facebook allows you to create groups, even private groups, why create a separate website with the same goal as Facebook.

That goal would be, connecting people to each other.

Reasons for a Community Website

Here are some of the reasons why I believe a site like St. Paul Life would be helpful for our congregation:

  1. Facebook doesn’t always show posts. Facebook reports how many people were “reached” (or saw) a post. We have over 200 people on our St. Paul page. Sometimes the “reach” is 10 or 20 people, meaning that over 180 people did not see the post or information.
  2. Facebook brings with it a lot of distractions such as ads, other posts, etc.
  3. Facebook controls the group, how things are displayed, etc.

By creating our own “community” space, we can make sure posts are available to all who want to see them. We can also have courses, discussion forums, and private conversations. We are also able to control the look and feel

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments.

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