CS101 – How to Read and Study the Bible

David · August 17, 2020

NOTE: This is a beta or prototype class. It is not in its final state. This course has been created to show what is possible and discover if people would be interested in this format for courses. Future courses could be: Prayer, Spending time with God, Discovering God’s Will, How the Bible was Formed, etc. Please let David know if you would be interested in such courses and if you would like to be part of a group going through the courses together.

Taking a course on how to read the Bible might seem odd. After all, you’ve been reading for years. Perhaps you’ve been reading the Bible for years. Or, like many folks, you read, but you don’t understand.

The Bible can be intimidating. It was written over thousands of years. The time and culture is different from our own. Sometimes we read, but we have no idea what we are reading.

This course is designed to help you feel more confident as you read the Bible. It also helps you read the Bible to be formed by God rather than focusing on facts and information. This course hopes to help the Bible become alive in your life!

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