Pondering Psalms

This course uses "Pondering Psalms" as a way to reflect on the Psalms. Before watching a lesson, spend some time reading through the Psalm several times. Make sure you pray before you start. Here are some suggested activities as you read:

  1. Notice any words or phrases that "jump out" to you.
  2. Notice themes and repeated phrases/words.
  3. Spend some time writing down some thoughts.
  4. Pray as you do the above steps.
  5. Watch the video and write down your thoughts when finished.
David · September 25, 2020

The Psalms have been called the Bible’s Prayer book. Through the Psalms we not only learn how to worship, we also learn what God is like. This class uses David and his friend Curt’s Pondering Psalms project to…well…Ponder Psalms.

You are invited to Ponder Psalms as well!

This course is “Free Form” meaning you can access any of the Lessons in any order!

Here's a link to Faithlife's online Bible: Online Bible (Psalms)


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