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Lesson 1, Topic 31
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Translations – Discussion

David August 17, 2020


  1. I may have said this before, but I really like the fact that you empathize listening to God speaking through the study and not just reading the bible but taking it in spiritually. I used to think it was important to read the whole bible, but as I have done that or tried that it just got to the point of reading and not studying or listening to the words. This is why I really like what you are doing with this study and explaining how to study the bible and listening to God speaking to you as you study His word. Also sharing the literal and the dynamic differences makes a big difference too. Very well done.

  2. Your explanation of the different translations and why it is important to use one to read and another to study and others to compare for a better understanding of what each translation says. I can’t believe how many English translations there are and which are by committee and which are individually done.

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